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Countdown till Chris Edmond's Stag Do

(Days : Hours : Minutes : Seconds)


Itinerary -

Thursday 25th July Crash at my pad
Friday 26th July, 07:00 Board flight from Glasgow to Amsterdam
Friday 26th July, 09:40 Arrive Amsterdam
Friday 26th July, 10:00 Get fucked
Saturday 27th July Get more fucked
Sunday 28th July Get fucked again
Sunday 28th July, 22:05 Get on plane (fucked)

This website is dedicated to the Chris Edmond Stag Do. If you have any questions or queries please contact and i will answer any question you have.

The list of people i have is:

Name Contact Status
Steven Porteous 0787 655 1787 PAID
Robin Edmond    
Ross Bertram 0781 219 1185 PAID
Chris Edmond 0781 211 5285  
Dave Mann 0131 453 3324  
Steve Olbert 0131 557 6899  
Dave Lawson 0797 163 9153  

Here is a decent link if you want to read up on Amsterdam:

Or look at all the coffee shops: