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Rock-Man's Oldsmobile and More Page!

Wow, what a boring site now huh? I decided that it was time to make a change. A lot of things in my life need to change and why should my website be any different? Hopefully I will have something up for you all soon. Please be patient. I do want to take the time to thank all of my friends for sticking by me in my times of need lately. It is greatly appreciated. Times are going to be tough for a while, but I do know that with you all by my side, I can make it through anything. If you need anything, I am still available at, Thanks again everyone!

Updated Sunday, September 26th

Wow, I remember when I went through and deleted everything on this site. It was all about a woman. Funny how stuff like that works. Felt like I needed some sort of change. I guess that I got one. It really is funny how fate works in life. But that is a topic that is best talked about over a beer. :-) I want to show you all what I have been busy doing lately. Take a peak.

Keeping busy

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