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Rain, owner of the channel #Rainguild with 500 access on w.

Amiz, personal assistant of Rain with 499 access on w.

Bha'ab, Rain initiate and good friend of the rain followers with 450 access on w.

Chole, the person that introduced me with IRC 450 access on w.

Darth Angel, Good friend of me in RL and also initiate of the GoR.

Ravenswood, Guildmaster. 450 access on w and the master of the GoR.

Karyll, Initiate of the Guild of rain.

Lord Brimstone, member of the innner circle with 100 access on w.

Shadowrunner, Rain elder with 400 access on w.

Soraya, Rain witch memeber of the innner circle and 300 access on w.