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Hello, and welcome the informationsite of #RainGuild in mIRC.

I am Rain the webmaster of the information site, Rain elder and supremechancellor of the Guild of Rain.

How to get to our mIRC chatbox?

this is the secret :) You have to go to and download mirc (32). after downloading it you must open in and install it. then start the program. on startup it shows a box with the picture of an man on it. Then a box shall appear having 6 windows which you need to fill in. on top you must choose with IRC server: undernet. and beneath that choose an undernet server. Then you must fill in the preferences beneath and connect to the undernet. the a box appears asking you which channel to join then type: #RainGuild. When done that you will see us. I hope you have a good time there and will visit us once :)


Some project for the Guild of Rain are set here for people too see what they are like:

Divine Dragon By Darth Angel.

Fire Castle By Rain.

Temple of Charissa