Our Cockatiels
I currently only have two breeding pairs of cockatiels
Updated: 2-7-13

This is Pedro feeding his chicks. He is hand tame when not raising babies. He is a very good dad :)

This is Pedro & Ethel.
Pedro is a WF Split to Olive, Pearl & Pied (Male 11-14-09 NCS 48G 09 88)He is from Ginny's Cockatiels, Ramsey, MN
Ethel is a Cinnamon Pearl Pied split to Whiteface Not banded- hatched 08 or 09
They have produced Pearl, and WF Pearl Pied chicks.

This is Carlos and Oreo
Oreo is a WF Pearl Pied split to Resesive Silver (Hen 7-4-09 NCS 48G 09 06) from Ginny's Cockatiels, Ramsey, MN
Carlos is a Dominant Silver (single factor) Pearl Split To Pied Whiteface Pastelface (Male 11-21-09 NCS 48G 09 85)
(*this bird will appear to be a visual pastelface*) {X1: Lutino} I know he is split to lutino because paired with Oreo he has had an albino and a lutino female chick. He is also split to pearl and pied as he has also thrown pied and pearl babies. He is from Ginny's Cockatiels, Ramsey, MN
This pair just had the first baby hatch today of a new clutch. 2-7-13

Birds pictured below have been sold.


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