We bought Sugar in the spring of 2000. When we bought her I had no idea what "miniature horses" were. Come to find out we could get papers on her, so we did. At that time, her paperwork was behind and her date and year of birth were "guessed". We were told she was 6 when we got her, but when paperwork came back her date of birth was listed as 1996. We left well enough alone and didn't question it. We had no idea when we bought her that she was bred. Within a month of having her, she foaled a solid black filly we named Lilly. Sadly we lost Lilly at 2 days old. The vet could not find anything wrong with the filly. Sugar has since had 4 foals for us before we decided to retire her. Those foals are:
221036A JUSTA NIGHT IN PARIS 34.00, FOALED: 06/09/2001
227461B 4K'S LITTLE SCAMPER 35.50, FOALED: 08/23/2002
245709B 4 K'S GAMBLIN MAN 36.00, FOALED: 06/11/2004
261590B 4 K'S MARDI GRAS 37.00, FOALED: 05/14/2005
Sugar is getting up there in age. Her papers say she is 18, but we think she is over 20. It doesn't matter to us how old she is, she will be with us for life.
Sugar 4-9-2000
Steph was 2
Steph and Sugar
Sugar and Stephanie

Sugar about to foal 2002 Sugar and Scamper (2002 filly) Sugar and Gamblin Man (2004 colt)

Sugar and Steph Sugar and Mardi Gras (2005 colt) Bryon and Steph with Sugar