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My Posse and My Crew

Here is the part of my page that Ive dedicated to my friends. Since they will be the only people coming here anyway I thought it would be nice of me to write a little something about them so when they come to my site they feel special...

  • Jason S.- Jason is my bestfriend in the entire world. If I did not have him in my life, I dont think I would be able to live. He's not only my bestfriend but he is also my boyfriend. He knows more about me than anyone else does or ever will. I also know more about him than anyone else. He is really sweet and he loves me a lot. He always does the nicest things for me, like one time when I was sick he gave me a yellow rose which is my favorite flower and also he made me a card with the care bears on it because that is my favorite 80's cartoon. Im very lucky to have Jason in my life, because he is the greatest person Ive ever met and I know that he and I will be going out for a very long time!

  • Liz Q- Liz is really a good friend. She was one of the first of my friends to get their license, and we used to go cruising all the time. Liz had a mad phat News Years party a few years ago. I played table tennis and we watched Dirty Dancing. I always have fun when Im with Liz.

  • Stasia H- Stasia is one of the only people who went to elementary school with me and is still my buddy. She likes 'NSYNC but in her own words "shes not a teenybopper" YEAH OKAY! She is still cool though, because she likes good music too, like the beastie boys. Last summer for her birthday we rented a limo and went to the Matchbox 20 concert. It was the BEST concert I ever went to. We met Semisonic and got their autographs. Stasia is cool.

  • Martha M- Martha is a really good friend. She is very smart. She moved to Gloucester in 6th grade. She is from Alaska and she goes there for a month every summer. Ive had some really good times with her. Once we went to Six Flags over summer vacation and we had such a mad time. I still have a video tape of it if anyone wants to see it. just kidding cause I act like an idiot on it.

  • Jessica K- Jess is the nicest person in this world. I have never seen that girl in a bad mood. She sometimes gets upset at things but she always has a smile on her face. It would be impossible to dislike Jess since she is so nice. She too likes the Beastie Boys and that makes her one chilly phat slice. I became friends with Jess in 8th grade when we shared the part of Mrs Pierce in My Fair Lady. Jess has always been a good friend and I love her.

  • Jeff P- Jeff is a really great friend who I have known since 8th grade. He was in my house and in some of my classes although he doesnt remember this. We didnt really become good friends until my freshman year when he was in my honors biology class. He sat in front of me and thats how we became friends. Now he is one of people who know the most about me, and he is a good listener. I also have to share a story with you about something that my dear friend Jeff did. Last year we went to the boat parade that they always have at the end of the summer. Last summer they had a live band playing. We were walking by and Jeff tripped on the power line and the bands power was shut off. The band didn't start to play again for the rest of the night, and instead of saying he was sorry, Jeff ran into the crowd and told me to stop laughing so people wouldn't know that it was him who caused the band to stop in the middle of a song. Its because of things like this that Jeff is one of the funniest people I have ever known, and I hope to be his friend for a very long time.

  • Peter C- Peter is a very smart boy who knows more right now than I ever will. He went to Austria and from what I hear he had a really good time. I cant tell you what he did because its a secret. OOPS I've already said too much, sorry Peter.

  • Karyn S- Karyn is a good friend. She was the one who told me I should do the haunted house at Hammonds Castle, so because of her I had tons of fun. Karyn likes Garth Brooks. I cant make fun of her for that though, because I used to like country music back in the day. Karyn has cool clothes, and she is my friend. She is going to college in Tennessee.

  • Viki G- Viki is awesome because she does whatever she wants and doesn't give a damn about what anyone one else thinks about her. She likes hardcore music. Viki is one madly phat girl.

  • Christina C aka Kooks- Christina is a cool girl. She was my bestfriend during my freshman year, we are still friends, but we have drifted apart a little. Its all good though cause neither of us holds anything against the other. Whenever we are together we laugh alot. It used to get us into trouble back in high school.

  • Mike A- I met Mike at Hammonds Castle, and he is a very funny boy. He is younger than me but he is going to graduate this year. Hes going into the Air Force and he is going to look funny with that hair cut. Mike isnt afraid to say anything and you have to be really careful when you dare him to do something because he will, I repeat, he will do it.

  • Anthony T- Anthony was in my italian class and he sat behind me. He is a really funny guy who is really nice. Im really glad he sat behind me because not only did he help me with italian but he became on of my really good friends too.

  • Rach H- I met Rachelle during my sophmore year. She was in my chemistry class, and she and I really hit it off almost immediately. We had so much in common it scared me. She was like the best friend ever. She is still my friend and even though we dont hang out as much anymore when we do hang out its always mad fun.

  • Anna B- I knew Anna through the plays that I had been in, but I had never really been her friend until last summer during the sidewalk bazar she and Beckie were there at Valentinos and me and Karyn were there so we all decided to sit together. Beckie and Anna told us that they were making a movie and they asked us if we wanted to help so we did. After we ate we walked to stage fort park and made the movie (which I still have not seen to this day) It was a lot of fun, and for some reason Anna thought that I was very funny. Go figure. Anyway, after that Anna worked at Hammonds Castle with the rest of us and that was a lot of fun. She was also in my photo II class thank god. If she wasn't there I dont know who I would have talked to. But now Anna is going to college and I am going to miss her.

  • Kate J.- Kate is a very funny girl who I consider one of my bestfriends even though I haven't hung out with her since 8th grade. I met her when I went to middle school at O'Maley and she was the nicest person. Then she moved to Rockport and although there is school choice she decided to go to RHS. : ( we all really miss Kate and wish she came to GHS where she belongs...

  • Chris S- Chris is Liz's boyfriend and is a very very interesting character. He is always throwing awesome parties at his house when his parents are away. He seems like he would be a big tough guy when you first look at him and he really is, however once he is drunk he is the silliest person Ive ever met. He likes to call Dragon Light and ask what kind of food they sell and call friendly's to ask if they sell ice cream. Whenever I hang out with Chris I know I am going to laugh a lot.

  • Vickie B- Vickie has been my friend for a very long time. I think I first met her in O'Maley and ever since we've been buds. She had a birthday party one time and it was at Hard Rock Cafe and it was pretty cool. Her dad bought me a watch. That was neat. Vickie plays softball and every year she gets injured worse than the year before. Shes funny, shes nice, shes Vickie, and thats all I have to say about that.

  • Bethany D- Bethany is my roommate here in Towers 504 West. She is very nice and she loves me. We met at orientation and decided then to be roommates. I am glad that we are because I have heard other people complain about their roommates a lot and I feel lucky that I dont have one of those scary people. Bethany has forced me to start watching Pasions which is a very stupid soap opera that I am for some reason interested in. Im such a loser! oh well!

  • Jen F- Jen is a really cool girl. We go to dinner together a lot. She is fun to hang out with and also a very thrifty shopper. I dont think she has anything that cost her more than $10. I wish I could be as thrifty as her because that would be really cool.

  • Shannon F- Shannon was in my sociology class with me and she hated it and it was my favorite class. She was always fun to talk to whenever the class was boring or Lawless was late. She is a really nice girl and I hope I have a class with her again sometime.

  • Rachel H.- Rachel is my groovy next door neighbor and maybe shell be my roommate next year if I decide not to transfer after all. She is a fun girl who makes me laugh. Its always fun to watch her and Bethany get into debates over religion and drugs. I like to watch because Im too afraid to put in my two cents. LoL.

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