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College Life

Okay, so here I am, finally at college. The amazing part of all this is that I actually found time to add this section onto my webpage...

So far college has been a truly interesting expirence. I have met a lot of very cool people who I could have never met in Gloucesta. Not that I dont miss all my friends from Gloucester because I definatly do.
Since in college I have not only learned about Louis IV in extreme detail, Artemsia Gentaleski, Anomy, and about Frederick Douglass, but I have also learned many other things which will surely help me later in life...
I have learned:
1. Elevators can break down as many as 6 times in one day, and they will.
2. Mail box combinations only work when they feel like doing so.
3. No matter how much studying you do before a history midterm the Professor will give you a low grade.
4. There is at least one person on every floor who listens to horrible music.
5. The person from # 4 tends to enjoy listening to this horrible music at very high volumes.
6. Even if you swear you will never enjoy soap operas if you are subjected to one by an evil roommate you will begin to watch it too.
7. If 11 is quiet hour then people will be loud until at least 3 am.
8. If it is a Thursday and quiet hour is at 11 people will be loud until at least 5 am
9. When a goldfish is brought into a dorm room, it would be good to make sure it eats when you leave for the weekend.

okay so now the first semester is over and i am nervously awaiting my grades. ::gulp:: I dont think i did bad in most of my classes but there is always history to bring me down. I am so afraid I failed for the year. With a teacher whos highest grade is a B-, and most people went into the final with a C or lower average; who isn't afraid they failed right now?

Id just like to say hello to Bethany and Jen, I miss you both. I hope we hang out sometime over vacation!