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picture book


go ahead and click on the pictures they all work
i just haven't gotten all of the thumb nails up yet

this one is for you Jesse i luv ya
"OH YA" that is about all that i can say

this is me my best friend jesse and barry
we are trying to do the charlies angels pose
i don't think it turned out as good as we hoped

this is just me and jesse chillin' with some friends

this is my wonderfull family
brother,adam mom,lori dad,dennis

this is my friend bobbie

this is faith :)

this is me and faith at the como zoo in St. paul

just a random picture that i decided to take of us one night

in case if you were wondering what is going on here
it is Drew's 21st b-day and he was wearing a pin that said
"kiss me it's my birthday"
hey i guess it worked huh? ;)

this is (from left to right)me, Faith, Chris, and Aaron
this was also taken at spring fling

yup you guessed it another pic of faith and me

Faith and me at spring fling
(aren't we so cute;)
well at least we all know she is

this is (from left to right)Lisa, Faith, and Ingrid and Brent on bottom

bein board in the dorm lounges at concordia
(left to right:Brent, Crystal, Jeff)

this is thomas actin' crazy
(yes that is a statue of Martin Luther covered in tin foil:)

this is an old pic of lindsey
but it is a good one
she is one of my favoritest friends

just a bunch of pictures of lindsey
hey that is what you get for giving me so many pics linz :)

my friend allison (she is cool)

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