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As I have been surfing around and looking at other people's web sights, I have noticed that a lot of people have a page were they write down some of there basic beliefs... I am not really sure as to what I want to write here. I suppose that I could write down the basics for those of you who are not Christians.
1. There is only ONE True God, and ONE True way to Heaven
2. That way is Jesus the Christ, who died for all sins of all people!!
3. Every one that does not believe this, I feel extremely sorry for, becuase they are not going to be in Heaven with Jesus.

On a side note don't you think that it is odd that Christianity is one of the most, or more, predominent religions in the world and it is based on one man... that was born in a barn in some small village in the roman empire, he lived almost his entire life not being noticed, and He only preached for THREE years?!! and the religion is still around!!!