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Celebrating the legacy of
Fifth Officer Lowe and the R.M.S. Titanic.
Fifth Officer Harold Godfrey Lowe

In the early hours of April 15th, 1912, Titanic's Fifth Officer Harold Godfrey Lowe gathered together 5 lifeboats, called the Lowe Flotilla, and transferred passengers to other boats to allow him and a compliment of men to return to the scene of the wreck. Although Lowe only saved 4 people, he DID go back! This web ring is in honor of his heroic effort. To learn more about Fifth Officer Lowe, please visit this page. It contains a VERY detailed biography which will give you more of a feel for the man this WebRing was named for.

To join The Lowe Flotilla you need to have a Titanic related webpage, either the movie or the real Titanic, and must have a knowledge of the actual Titanic and specifically who Fifth Officer Lowe was. If at all possible we would prefer that you have some content on your page pertaining to the real Titanic. Applicants will be screened carefully so do not be surprised if you are not entered into the ring or are asked to take the code off your page. Thank you for applying to the Lowe Flotilla!

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