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243 Ackley Improved Photos

This Rifle has been Traded my new 243AI is pictured below.
Member 243AI - 01
Action: Mauser Model 98
Barrel: Shilen 26" #5 Contour 1-10 Twist
Stock: Custom Walnut Thumbhole
Trigger: Bold
Scope: Leupold 6.5 X 20AO

Here are a couple of groups that I have managed with my 243AI (the old one pictured above). Both where shot at 100 yards with 80 gr. Starke RPVB's that I Moly'ed using Midway Moly.

This Is my new 243AI Built by Duane Spooner of Duane's Gun Repair, Tappen, ND.

Member 243AI - 01
Action: Rem 700
Barrel: Douglas XX Premium SS 24" #3 Contour 1-10 Twist With removable KDF Varmint Brake
Stock: High Tech Specialties
Trigger: Tuned Rem
Scope: Leupold 6.5 X 20AO
Sling: Ching Sling

Member 243AI - 38
Action: Rem 700 S/S
Barrel: Shilen 26 1/2" Select Match #8 Contour, Fluted 1-14 Twist
Stock: H & S Precision
Scope: 6 X 24 Bausch and Lomb Elite 4000

Member 243AI - 43
Action: Rem 700 trued
Barrel: 26 1/2" Schneider SS with brake, tight neck .270, 1-12 Twist
Stock: H & S Precision
Trigger: Rem 10oz
Scope: 6 X 24 Bausch and Lomb 4200 dot reticle
All gunsmithing by SG&Y Precision Rifles

Member Bryan Janis
Action: Rem XP100

Member Ian McCall
Action: Ruger M77 MKII
Barrel: 28" Tobler SS Fluted 1 in 8 twist
Stock: Ruger
Trigger: Tuned Ruger (6oz)
Scope: Tasco 8X32X44 rear base shimmed .015 to have scope adjustment at 800 metres.
I do most of my shooting at the range owned by the Nowra Rifle Club. We are located about 2 hours drive south of Sydney (New South Wales - Australia). This photo is looking down range from the 800 metre firing line (half a mile) - you can see the targets if you look carefully. Regards Ian