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The Professional Wrestling Reliquary

Mission Statement

The goal of the Professional Wrestling Reliquary is to foster an appreciation of the historical development of wrestling and its interaction with American culture by the preservation and exhibition of artifacts related to the sport.


Therefore, inside you will find an array of genuine wrestling artifacts that are being preserved to help build an appreciation for the sport. Most of the articles on display are "one-of-a-kind" and are the genuine, ring-worn artifacts. Most of these items, in some way, helped to play an intregal role in the evolution and popularity of the sport of Professional Wrestling.

The items that you will see featured in this museum are from my own personal, private collection. They are not available for purschase, but please take the time to enjoy the displays. Please do not copy, print or in any other form duplicate the images on this page without my written permission.

All of the artifacts in the Professional Wrestling Reliquary are pieces of history and are irreplaceable. I hope that by viewing these items, you can gain an appreciation for the art form that, at one time, was the sport of wrestling. This memorabilia serves as a link to the history of this great sport. These items represent the very best that wresltling had to offer. Back in an age when the wrestlers wreslted and the title belts had more meaning than just a prop for business...

Click on the Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Championship Belt to enter the Museum.

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