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Steps to Creating a Web Page

Steps to Publishing a Web Page

Computer Applications II April, 2000
1. Define your objectives
2. Design your web page o paper first
3. Decide tool for creating-HTML or web editor/authoring software
4. Construct your web page
5. Locate space on a web server to publish
6. FTP, upload, or copy your files to the web server
7. Fine tune the page

Define your objectives

*Define your target audience
*Determine the reason for your page
-hobby page
-business related
-social page
-cultural page

Design Your Web page

Determine the mood of the page
Decide the graphics you will use
Create a storyboardof the page

Determine the Mood of Your Web Page

-Informal for friends
-Professional for business associates
-High tech to display your talents

Decide Graphics You Will Use

*Animated pictures or inline images
-Quality NOT quantity
*Do NOT "over do"
-Large pictures take time to load
-Allow 10 seconds maximum time to load
-Convert pictures to GIF or JPG formatt--these are smaller files and will load faster
-Beware of copyrighted material--ask permission to use

**HTML/JavA Script--You learn the code and key the document in word processer. Saves as a text file with a .html extension. (.htm in Windos 3.1)(.htm in Windows 95+)
**Web Ediotr/Authoring Software
-allows you to create similar to using a word processor or desktopo publishing program. When you save the document, the program will convert the file to .html code. Examples included the following:
*Microsoft Publisher 2000
*Microsoft Word 97+
Front Page 97+

**Create the basic parts
-html code
**Add enhancement
rule lines
*Save and preview your web page in a browser such as Ntescape or Internet Explorer

Find Space on a Web Server to Publish Your Page
*Locate space on a web server<><>
-Internet service provider
-Free space provider
Example:, GeoCities, Etc
*Search the Internet for other Web servers that offer free space

Publish Web Page on the Server
The procedure for placing the files on the web server will differ from server to server. You may use one of the following:
Copy files to the Web server
FTP files to the Server
Upload files

Test Your Page
View your page from a computer other than the one you used to create the page to ensure that all files were transferred to the web server.
View the page through several browsers to ensure that it does not become distorted in one browser.
Check for the time it takes your page to load. Users do not want to wait.

Fine Tune Your Page
Publishing a Web page is an ongoing procedure. You must update your page on a regular basis.
Correct any errors you find
Consider including a page counter to record the number of hits your page has received.

Just a Word of Caution!
**Never Put the Following on a Web Page!
Your full name
Your address
Your telephone number
Any information that would allow someone to reach you in person