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"E-Mail for"


    *Electronic Mail-method of sending & reciving messages electronically across the internet

E-Mail Uses

    --Personal E-Mail family & friends
    --Recreational E-Mailing responese to webmasters

**E-Mail Addresses

    Username-persons account name
    Host-name of computer that provides access
    Subdomain: company, organisation, education instruture there owns host computer
    -Domain-type of instituation
    *-Note: You will find some variations depending upon the service you use

E-Mail Etiquette

    Never include anything in a e-mail that you would not say out loud
    Never send e-mail when you are angry. Do not All Caps which is considered shouting
    Resist the temptation to jump into a "Flame War" Flame is any mesasge that intertinally insulties, espresses anger toward someone or includes nasty language

E-Mail Etiquette

    Make sure the e-mail address is correct
    Keep the message short and break up long messages into paragraphs
    If you are attaching a file, make sure the recipient can read the file format

Managing E-Mail

    Check your e-mail daily
    Keep your e-mail address list up-to-date
    Clear the In/Out boxes periodically
    Establish specific folders and organize messages
    Subscribe/unsubscribe to mailing list

E-Mail Emoticons

    :) smile happy
    8-) smile with glasses
    :-( grown sad
    :-0 surprised look
    ;- wink
    :-D language
    <:o yawn

E-Mail Abbreviations

    IMHO--In my humble/honest opinion
    FYI--For your information
    BTW--By the way
    FAQ--Frequently asked questions
    FWIW-- For waht it's worth
    LOL--Laughing out loud