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More Design Techniques

  • Red--Generates excitmenet & energy
  • Green--Encourages people to think
  • Yellow--Signifies optimism & confidence
  • Blue--Relaxes & Calms

  • Text/Object boxes
    Shadows allow teh box to stand out
    Separate two articles
    Used to indicate a sidebar
    ...Colors React by...
    Contrasting--Colors that make each other stand out
    Harmonizing--Colors that go well together
    Clashing--Colors that do not look well together

  • **Use the cropping tool to trim a graphic
  • *Cannot be used to resize graphics
  • *Trims out unwanted parts of a graphic

  • Graphics
    Pre--Designed images--.bmp
    Graphic Interchange formats--.gif
    Internet picture formats--.jpg
    Tagged Image--.tif

  • Most Common
  • Default alignment
  • Easier to read
  • Less formal

  • Justified Text
    Even left & right margins
    Gives sense of order & precision