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    -Information Super Highway Cyberspace

What is the Internet?

    Ever-changing, eve-expanding worldwide network of computers connected through high speed telephone lines
    Information stored, transmitted, and received digitally
    Text, video, & audio

How do you get the Internet

    1. Computer PC or Mac
    2. Connection Phoneline + Modem or T-1,2,3 or Cable line
    3. Internet Service Provider (ISP) AOL, Compuserve, Ziplink
    4. Internet Access: E-Mail Access, Browser, FTP Access
    5. World Wide Web: Web Sites, FTP Sites, Search Sites


    Quick access toan abundance of information
    Ability to communicate with others in a timely manner via e-mail


    Validity of information
    No physcial access to others
    Who are you really dealing with?
    Accessible to anyone and everyone