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You think you have the best of me
Trying to push me off beat
Im still standing here
and these days are mine

Thats what we are made of
To show you what we mean
to show you waht we are made of
and bring you, and brinug you, and bring you
Bring you tonite

so im here standing along
you never seem to stop with this endless cause
with all these lies
trying to break me down

so im here to stay
you cant beat me
of track with all your lies
im still here walking my path

You try to get us off track
but you cant
cause we are everything and you are nothing


so im here to stay
and you cant push me off beat
you think you had the best of me
but im still on track

These Days Are Yours And Mine
So Now Its Time To Stand And Fight

Fight, Mignt, Might Fight
Thats what we got, Thats what we got (10x)


Standing Strong

I've been, smacked up around
flipped up side down
runned into the ground again
and all I have to show
standing stong
against all these odds
No matter how hard they come
I'll keep on pushing forward
Pushing, through this storm
holding to freedom
And when the rain breaks, and the earth shakes
we'll still be here
Standing Strong
Against all these odds
No Matter How Hard
They come
Keep your head up High
Push On through this Fight
Dont Stand Down
Stand Your Ground


©2003 ToWinThis War