“How it Works”

Welcome to the TRI-WRITE-CLUB. We hope you find your visit enjoyable.

Here is how it works:

We update as a new submission is received, running each submission a minimum of 2 weeks. As a member we ask you to visit this page and offer your “critique” of writings you view on this site. A criticism of at least one of the postings must accompany the first submission you have for the site.

Each writer will be assigned initials instead of using names unless the writer expresses a desire to use their name. When you offer your critique please refer to the TITLE of the writing and the INITIALS of the author.

Please email your critiques to:

Critiques will be emailed to the writer. With the approval of the writer critiques will be posted on the member site. These will be anonymous. Responses from the writer to the critic will be shared anonymously unless otherwise arranged.

Please keep in mind that the writings on this site must not violate any Internet rules. Determinations of which writings are posted are at the discretion of the management of the Tri-Write-Club.

We encourage you to send any writings to:

You will be given assigned initials to accompany your postings.

Illustrations are welcome as well and will be posted to the best of our ability. No writings will be returned and no ownership of the writings is maintained by Tri-Write-Club.

Words to the wise…please protect yourself regarding copyrights

Please do not use the postings without the permission of the author.

If you are interested in accessing the author we will act as intermediaries. Members need not pay any due or fees. There will be opportunities to meet as the group grows. These gatherings may involve overhead costs of which you will be made aware. We appreciate ideas and links to other sites. Published writers please send pointers our way. We welcome your expertise. The main rule is to have fun and enjoy writing!

So lets dust off the keyboards and get to writing!!!

Lisa-The “Write” Mind

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