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One Winter Night

by thao va

~(>-_-)> A special dedication to Suab Cua Lauj. I hope you like it dear <(-_-<)~

On this quiet winter night

The shimmering moonlight

Dances behind a drifting cloud

The wind brushes a tender sound

Sweet enough to hear it whisper your name

Suab cua Suab cua, but it wasnít the same

I sit and wait and listens through

But yet no sound, no sight of you

I play your songs, inside my heart

Those lyrics melt, your voice, I felt

As then I turn, to look your way

An image burn, I thought itís true

My eyes did wander, but there was no you

My soul it saunters, to find a path

Without a light, a path to stroll

Without a way, I dare not go

And yet Iíll wait, between these groves

To feel your voice, and catch a glimpse,

Of you my dear, my midnight nymph

And when you go, I dare must say

Youíve touched my heart

And healed my soul

The light youíve shone

Has dent a smile, inside myself

The strength I need

The passion I carry

Streaks of lavender red

Forever it runs

Eternally it soars

Forever and always

Forever more

They say, A thousand poets,

this world has seen,

cannot express

How much you are, to me

And yet I know, and you do too

Deep down inside, at this spur of the moment

A touch of night, a pinch of sweetness

A flickering glow, and winter snow

Is all we need, to make it grow

Beyond the trees, above the skies

The slit of time

And now my train of thoughts, it ends

For now, I halt

Forever not

Until that time

That time again <(^_^)>