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ST370: Probability and Statistics for Engineers



 Syllabus for Fall 2001
 Teaching Assistant
 Homework Assignments

    M-Lab: Instructional Labs on Statistics using MATLAB

 In Class Exercises with Solutions
 Lecture Notes
 Review Materials

Syllabus for Fall 2001

Text:  Modern Engineering Statistics by Lawrence L. Lapin

 Homework   15%   Assigned approximately weekly 
 Project  15%  Proposal Due October 8
     Project Due November 28
 In-class Exercises   10%  Unannounced
 Quizzes**  40%  September 12
     October 3
     October 24  *** postponed to Wednesday, Oct. 31  *** 
     November 14
 Final Exam  20%  See  Final Exam Schedule

** These quizzes will stress only the material from the most recent lectures and homework assignments.

Teaching Assistant Information

TA:                      Liqiu Jiang
Office:                 510-A Cox Hall
Office Hours:       Wednesday, 10:15 - 12:15

Homework Assignments

Homework 1

Homework 2

Homework 3

Homework 4

Homework 5

In Class Exercises with Solutions

In Class Exercise 1 (August 29)

In Class Exercise 2 (September 24)

In Class Exercise 3 (November 7)

Lecture Notes

Describing Data

Regression & Correlation

Experimental Design & Analysis of Variance

The Binomial Distribution

The Normal Distribution

The Sampling Distribution of the Mean

Confidence Intervals

Hypothesis Testing

Review Materials

Example Problems with Solutions for Quiz 1

Example Probability Problems with Solutions for Quiz 2

Example Problems with Solutions for Quiz 3

Example Problems with Solutions for Quiz 4

Solutions to Final Exam Review Problems