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International Tang Soo Do Alliance

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About the International Tang Soo Do Alliance

The International Tang Soo Do Alliance is a fraternal martial arts organization of independent Tang Soo Do black belts and instructors which was designed to: 

A. Work for a better understanding of Tang Soo Do and the many other systems of martial arts through the exchange of forms, techniques and ideas.
B. To educate the public and protect them from unscrupulous martial arts practitioners.
C. To lend moral support to all independent martial arts instructors via a fraternal organization.

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The Founding Members of The National Tang Soo Do Alliance.  From Left to Right:  Peggy Lynch, John Hancock, Cliff Johnson, Dan Nolan, Ed Gabler, & Diane Gabler.

The ITSDA was founded in the Summer of 1988, as the National Tang Soo Do Alliance, under the direction of Sabum Nim Dan Nolan (7th Dan).  The founding members of the NTSDA were:  Peggy Lynch, John Hancock, Cliff Johnson, Dan Nolan, Ed Gabler, Diane Gabler.  In November, 2001 Sabum Nim John Hancock took over as President of the NTSDA.  In December of 2001, the organization was renamed the International Tang Soo Do Alliance.  Effective July 1, 2002, Sabum Nim Jonathan Plyler was appointed as the Vice President of ITSDA.  In October, 2004, the First Congress of the ITSDA was held in Denver, NC.  At that meeting, the ITSDA Constitution was ratified, and new officers were elected.  The ITSDA currently has members in both the United States & Abroad. 

For more information about the the ITSDA, check out their website at: 

or contact Sabum Nim Plyler at:

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Sabum NimDan Nolan (7th Dan) Founder of the NTSDA

Sabum Nim John Hancock (6th Dan) First President of the ITSDA

     Sabum NimJonathan Plyler (4th Dan) Current President, ITSDA

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