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Codes & Tenets of Tang Soo Do

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The following are the codes and tenets of Tang Soo Do. They reflect basic attributes and attitude requirements that all Tang Soo Do students should strive to understand and achieve. The five codes are the precepts developed by a monk named Won Kwa, for instruction to the Hwa Rang warriors of the Silla Dynasty. These codes were adopted as the Warriorís Code and have been passed down by Korean martial artists for two thousand years. Although they are very old, students should try to understand their relevance even today to their training and lives.

Tang Soo Do Sae Sok Oh Kyae (Five Codes of Tang Soo Do)

1.  Sa Kun Ee Chun-Loyalty to Country

2.  Sa Jin Ee Hyo-Obedience to Parents

3.  Kyo Oo Ee Shin-Honor Friendship

4.  Im Chan Moo Toi-Have Courage in Conflict

5.  Sal Saeng Yoo Taek-Use Force with Sense and Honor

Tang Soo Do Chong Shin (Tenets of Tang Soo Do)

1.  Yom Chi-Integrity

2.  Chung Shin Tong Il-Concentration

3.  In Nae-Perseverence

4.  Choon Kyung-Repect & Obedience

5.  Kuk Ki-Self-Control

6.  Kyom Son-Humility

7.  Paek Jol Bul Gul-Indomitable Spirit


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