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Rocz plaque

::Welcome to ROC'z Paintshop .. Here at ROC'z we're more interested in The Quality of the Avs ,, not Vast Quantities!..Happy Shopping!!..::


:: NEW MALE & FEMALE ULTRA'S ADDED TO OUR MENU ... Happy Shopping!!.::

Ultra Cuts Pre Paints Menu PSP Download
Yak Gameheads Whiskey's Bar Pisgah's Gestures

Roc'z Disclaimer

We make "NO CLAIMS" other than the "CUTS" and "PRE PAINTS"

that were "SIZED","POSTED" and "PAINTED" by ROC'Z Paintshop

for shop visitors/friends use. We claim no "OWNERSHIP",

of any "IMAGE" or "PROGRAM", used to do so.

If you feel as though you are the "OWNER", "PHOTOGRAPHER",

or the "SUBJECT", in any "IMAGE" or are, the "MAKER",

or the "OWNER" of any "PROGRAM" linked here,

please tell me and I will remove whatever it might be

..::The Rules at Roczpaintshop::..

Be kinder than neccessary;

for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.

Live Simply,..Love Generously

Care deeply,..Speak kindly,Leave the rest to God.

Life isn't about waitin for the storm to pass,...

It's about learning to Dance in the Rain !

chalkboard 1

chalkboard 2

chalkboard 3

chalkboard 4

In no way shape or form is ROCz

playing ANY RADIO STATION for any monetary compensation,

Station selections are for the listening pleasures

of FRIENDS stopping by....

- 8 Streaming Station Selections-

-Featuring "181FM radio"

Now Playing "Kikkin' Kountry"


Brutus Buckeye

Roc'z Grafic

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