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The Downfall of Al Gore

Get it?-with the pants falling down and the downfall and stuff. All right, they're not all good folks. Anyway, welcome to the webpage dedicated to Al Gore. In case you haven't noticed, I don't like Al all. Maybe it's that monotonous quality of his voice, or that "I'm too good for you" glance he gives, or maybe it's the fact that if he was at the top, everything would be done the "Al Gore way." You know what I mean? Good. Even his name is annoying-Al Gore-Wow there's a party animal. Well that's enough introducing. I hope you enjoy this portion of the site. And now...the dancing monkey

Neato Gore Pages

Fact and Fiction
The Meaning of Life
Killers Vote For Gore
Why Dial 911?...Use Al's Method
Quoth the Raven...Never Gore
Al's Favorite Number

Nifty Links...and such

Gore or the Unabomber?
Talk to Al Gore

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