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Why Dial 911? Use the Al Gore Method

Washington, D.C. (AP)----Addressing the National Association of Software Manufactures at their annual meeting in Washington today, Vice President Al Gore called for the elimination of the current 911 emergency system and replacing it with a centralized internet emergency site.

"The High-Tech computer age is here and we will not be left behind" Mr. Gore then explained how the new system would operate:

---When a crisis arises, simply turn on your computer and after booting up, you would just click on the icon of your internet service provider and wait until connected via high speed modem. Once on line, just type in, and you will be asked to type in your 10 digit PIN (personal identification number), and for verification purposes enter your state, city, name, address, & social security number. After the computer cross checks your PIN number with your personal data, you will then have access to the diagnostic menu ---- Simply click on the icon that best identifies your emergency and the correct emergency personnel will be dispatched IMMEDIATELY.

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