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Artificial Intelligence

I was recently, or not recently depending on when you read this, looking through some information on the film, A.I.-Artificial Intelligence(which is one of the worst movies ever made in my opinion, but thats beside the point). This brought me to a site called which actually makes these real-life "bots," if you will. Sometimes I think they may just be a little brighter than quite a few people I know. I've put the links up for two of these A.I.'s. ELVIS is not as advanced, but it is still worthwhile to talk to "The King." ALICE is much more complex than ELVIS because she actually remembers what you say. They both tend to respond in the manner Al Gore would to a question.(Sorry, I just had to get one shot at ol' Al in) Well, without further ado, ELVIS and ALICE

Chat with ELVIS

Don't be Outsmarted by ALICE

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