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Welcome from/authored by Rx742 - or just Dustin

Hiya, everybody! well anyways this is my not-so-done website. -cheesy tada! motion- errr... anyways, I'm trying to make this into something cool. Basically a way for me to show off (mostly to myself) what I learned about html and so forth. And here we go-->--v

The things I do when I'm not working or sleeping

My Favorite Web Sites

Exalted Online
Online Poker
Project Greenlight
Drew's Scripts!

So that's, like, it ... What more do you want? I'll try to figure out a way to post my character sheets (Exalted Tabletop and otherwise) here. I'll prolly(<--I'm sooo cool) include my CoH handle(s?) here too so people can keep track of my impending fame. Maybe, just maybe, I'll post my screenplays (if they ever get finished) so all can read, if they're so inclined. ****SPEAKING OF**** You can find my first of many half-done things Siphos <-my Dragon-Blooded (^.^) I'm ecstatic!