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Remembering 9 11 ~One Year Later~

Jesus in the Clouds

9/11/2001In Remembrance of September 11, 2001 ~May We Never Forget~ 9/11/2002

Page last updated January 2 2007

crossWe Remember 9-11-2001cross
By Pearly Duncan Walker ©

We remember today, a tragedy of a year ago, our world torn apart,
Loved ones, firemen, policemen, hospital workers gave of their heart,
Planes were in route were overtaken and abused sorely by evil men,
Flew into the towers, the pentagon and killed the bravest people, who have ever been.

They took back the plane in PA, and gave their life that others might live,
I know it was no shock to Jesus, I know He heard Prayers and did forgive,
The evil there and the towers was so awful, we had to send our men, a war to fight
To take the evil peoples land to ruin, kill many there, who hath not seen the light.

The workers are so great to have done it all, even to the blood they gave,
That some who were wounded would have the chance, their life to save,
Valor and gentry was in our Country that day, our Eagle soared on high,
Representing our great country on land, in the city, and on sea, he stood by.

They tried to soil our Flag that day, but it was not ever to be, they stand by,
Maybe a rip or even some burned, and to ashes turned, but they are still waving high,
They wave in our hearts, as do the heroes who gave their all that terrible day,
We need always to remember the friends we lost, in such a sinful way.

Jesus took our loved ones on home, it was their time, or it would not have been,
For He is in control always, even of the cowards hiding in a caves den,
A braggart who is evil, up in glory he will never be, he is not Godsí own,
Lord, bring our soldiers, sailors, marines and air force men back home.

The workers digging up bodies for months, trying to identify peoples loving kin,
Even the smartest and bravest canine were there, doing their share again,
We look back now and see anew, all our world seemed to just tear apart,
But let us keep utmost in our minds that now and forever, that Jesus is in our heart.

He will watch over all who call on Him; He will mend broken hearts and make anew.
He will be with us all throughout eternity, in all the things we need to do;
Just give your life to Jesus today; He will so tenderly take the greatest care
Of your life now, as did He, when our people were taken in shock last year.

We had many unseen enemies, who came here as friend or foe?
Would, we had known, and our Government would have made them go.
Strife on our Country would never in this world have never, ever won,
But let us never in all our life, forget our friends in September 11, two thousand one.

Dedicated to the Personnel of the PELELIU ARG?15RH the arm MEU (SOC) ENDURING FREEDOM.
And all the heroes who helped in the three tragedies on 9/11/2001
© Pearlie Duncan Walker


By Vickie Lambdin ©

As I look back on that September Day
At all of the grief, and the pain
I remember a candlelight vigil,
As they prayed and held hands in the rain.

I was in shock, as I watched on T.V.
Though I wasn't there, I was down on my knees.
Praying, and asking,"The Lord of Our Nation"
To heal all of their wounds, ease their pain, and frustration.

Lord, I know you said in your word, "To Forgive"
But sometimes, that is so hard to do.
When they've taken away all your hopes,and your dreams,
And the lives of those closest to you.

I know that their loved ones, you have taken on home.
And with your sweet angels they sing,
And I know someday soon, we will all get to join them
In A "Heavenly Homecoming," fit for a King.

Written By Vickie Lambdin © 2002
John 14:18- I will not leave you" comfortless" I will come to you.
In memory of all those who lost their lives in the 9-11 tragedy: We all love, and miss you:


By Marian Jones © 2001

Your heart may be heavy and aching
Now that I'm no longer here,
But though you may shed many tears
Let memories banish your fear.

My arms are no longer around you,
My lips cannot speak of my love,
But I'm with you in spirit each day,
As I look down from Heaven above.

The house may be silent without me,
It doesn't mean I can't be there,
And when every night that you sleep,
Our love in your dreams we still share.

As you continue alone on the earth,
I'll be with you each step of the way,
I can still be the strength that you need
To carry you through each new day.

Although I know you can't see me,
Our spirits are joined as before,
So whenever you feel uplifted
Know it's me just loving you more.

In Heaven we're given a gift
To still tend to the ones left behind,
So smile when you think of me,
I remain in your heart and your mind.

Written By Marian Jones © 2001


crossThe Aftermath Of September 11, 2001cross
By Martha Duke Manley ©

This tragedy came upon our nation, so unexpectedly, and it caught us so unprepared.

It brought with it, hurt, death, turmoil, destruction and fear. It has left its cruel mark upon people of all ages. It took in death, the young and the old. It took families and left their lives desolate.

This act of evil has placed on those of us who were left behind a heavy load, to carry down life's road.

It causes us to ponder on things that before never entered into many of our minds or hearts. What do we do now? Where do we make the needed changes to protect our country from such a horror ever occurring again on this our own soil. Who do we keep from entering our borders, in hopes of deterring the same actions from other people who hate our way of freedom. Of which, I might add that we oft times do not realize how blest a nation we are.

The time has come for us to look and examine our selves in order to find out just what course of action should we as a people, a dweller in the land of opportunity, and as a land made up of people from so many backgrounds and beliefs , have become united in a bond of pride, to protect this heritage grows stronger.

It has united people who for the most part, would not have even given much thought to what was going on in the other part of the United States. But now, with the aftermath of September 11, 2001, we have learned a great lesson, found strength that we did not know that we possessed. Had thoughts that were unknown to us before. Many words have been written, many stories have been told of bravery, of kind deeds done for and by strangers, but who are forever bonded by the moment and actions of others.

We have heard songs sung or played , along with many stories and poems written to draw our hearts and bowels of compassion to their fullest.

One such poem, written relates to us what might well be the course of action by many of us. And it reads like this.

The Aftermath Of September 11, 2001
Written By Martha Duke Manley ©

crossIn God We Trustcross
By Martha Duke Manley ©

They are on our nation's
Seals and Currency.
But, are those same words
Found in our lives, for others to see?

You know, then, as well as I,
It goes like this, "In God We Trust."
But, it seems that the only time
We really say it is when we feel we must.

It is only when
Our country is in need
That these few words
Become, once again, our earnest creed.

You say No! It is not really that way.
Then, let's think and examine.
We say them so often with tears streaming,
When there is death, drought, and famine.

But, what of its' use
In our everyday life?
Can it be only heard when
We are full of Anger, Pain and Strife?

Is it at the threat or time of war,
When we find ourselves crippled by Fear
For the lives of so many,
That we then want God to be near ...

So that He would be
Watching and hear us
As we say, so desperately,
"In God We Trust"?

But for this nation,
I do solemnly pray.
Father, may we wake up and realize,
We need to live those words everyday!

© Martha Duke Manley


crossTWIN TOWERScross
By Joan Clifton Costner ©

My sisters and brothers are bleeding and torn,
The rain has come down, weary and worn.

They keep fighting fires ... fumes ... debris;
Listening hard for what they can't see ...

Hoping, praying, heavy hearted, depressed ...
Needing, so badly, a full night of rest.

Like a double light house, for the whole world to see,
An outline of freedom - beside the great sea.

People came and went, with no worry at all;
Knowing these buildings never could fall.

Beautiful Lady, with torch held so high,
The freedom you offer ... will it now die?

On the high plains, too, America weeps-
And prayers are offered.  Many vigils we keep.

We ache to reach out and comfort their wounds
And pray God will intervene, come to us soon ...

Before mistakes are made we can't recall,
Bringing utter destruction to us all.

Already we're building new towers, new twins;
A tower of prayer for all of our friends,

A tower that never can raise too high,
A tower of prayers for those who have died ...

And, a tower of Wisdom, Mercy, and Praise
To our Lord God's great Presence, in such trying days.

Written By Joan Clifton Costner © 2001

"Lo, I am with you ..."
"I will never leave you nor forsake you ..."


Mark Dube

Today a year has passed since the attack on America, though there are many that wish to believe that their personal lives had not changed, life as we knew it had indeed changed.

Friends have been made, enemies have been found, guards posted and the web has become more of a NET then it ever was. The NET is now that of unity, of people, ideas, views and out reach. Each of us have found some security in knowing no matter what happens in our lives, we are not truly alone and never will be again. The NET has saved lives, mended broken hearts, brought the world even and forever closer. September 10th 2001, that day was a day like so many others. It was a day when an email or web site from New Zealand seemed so far away. After 10 AM, 11 September 2001, New Zealand had some how become closer. I speak of New Zealand as a symbol of all countries, each in there own right had become closer then ever on this new NET of friendships, security, and out reach.

Many people that knew nothing of the web had now become web masters of sorts, creating sites to show the world they were out there, watching, reading, and reaching out E-Hands of friendship and aid to any that wished to find them.

Many people, to this day, feel that we should let it all lie and leave it to the history books to tell. To them I say, you are so wrong. In the past, we have let the history books tell of our lives as it was remembered by the writers. This has too changed. The lives of those lost are too valuable to leave to cold facts and news stories left in ink on fragile paper. They will never be gone, the taking of them was the marking of a new world. This new world must be kept alive and allowed to grow. Nourish the new we have found, tighten the NET and let none feel alone again. Let your friends know you are there everyday. Smile at your neighbor, wave to a stranger. Pass along those messages of faith, delight, and warning. Pull tightly on that NET, like a resilient web, always and forever more - Let your friends know you care.

Personally, I wish to say - Thank God for the friends that have helped me. You are true Angels of the Earth, appointed by God himself.

Mark Of The Rose
Internet Radio
Internet Angels
Where Were You

"May the Angels bring you joy"

"Ya know I saw the sun today and I will see it again tomorrow, and when things are down the sun will still come around and kiss my face with an Angels love"

"Angels tread where others fear" Mark A. Dube
"United We Stand, Divided We Fall"



Pearlie Duncan Walker, Vickie Lambdin, Marian Jones, Martha Duke Manley, Joan Clifton Costner & Mark Dube
Pearlie Duncan WalkerVickie LambdinMarian Jones
Martha Duke ManleyJoan Clifton CostnerMark Dube

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