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I currently have NO spaces available....NEXT AVAILABLE SPACE: Sept 2008(contact me in Feb/mar 2008 or later)

Why is Nicole's daycare "A step above in home childcare"

Because of the following that she offers:

*bilingual (French and English)interaction with children in learning and play.

*Stuctured learning program with different focuses for different ages and stages ie.craft interaction level,expectancies,problem solving with peers,encouragement of independance...

*A wide range of learning materials including,but not limited to:Practice books,music books,arts and craft materials,french language educational computergames,activities to promote fine motor skills,playdough,board games..

*Daily outdoor play in different settings ie.Backyard(climbers,riding toys,water play,groupgames..)School playground(Large climbers,hop scotch,balls,sand..)Field trips(Cosmic adventures indoor playground, animal farm, water park, playgroup, library, museums..)

But most of all the experience of being a mother and child caregiver since 1994 and providing the same for your children as I would expect for my own...Love,understanding,the opportunity to Learn and experience new things and friends to do it all with!!


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