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THIS CONTRACT made on the ___________ day of _________________ 20 ___




___________________ AND _______________(hereafter know as the  “parent(s)”)




Irene Nicole Coulombe (hereafter known as the “ Caregiver”); for caregiving services for


______________________________ ( hereafter known as the  “Child”)




1.1       The daycare is open Mon-Fri from 7:30am to 5:15 pm (with up to 15 minutes given) before late fee charges.


1.2       Drop off and pick up:        

            Parents will drop child off ______________________at caregivers home.

            If parents are running late it is their responsibility to drop the child off to the  

            caregiver at any such location the daycare may be, at that time. Parents shall    

            pick children up at the caregiver’s home. The caregiver reserves the right to

            leave a note telling parents where the daycare is at that time i.e. Park ,       

            mcdonalds ect.Parents will pick up children there.


1.3       Overtime care is provided at the rate of $8.00 per hour  with one hour

            minimum.To be paid separately from the usual fee payment by the next fee

            payment date.The Parent(s) shall notify the Caregiver of any anticipated

            Overtime a minimum of 48 hours in advance, the Caregiver reserves the right to

            decline any overtime offered.

1.4       The late fee of $10.00 per20 minutes(with a 20 minute minimum) no receipt, will be charged to those parents who have not picked up their child/ren by 5:31 pm.


2.         FEE PAYMENT


2.1       The home care fee is _____   per week/day to be paid every two weeks in advance. If additional days are required to a part-time agreement, each additional day shall be :$38 per day 0r $30 per 1/2 day(under4 hours Either cash or cheque is acceptable, to be paid the Friday before the two weeks of care.**A fee of twenty-five dollars will be charged for any cheques returned non sufficient funds. A $5 per day fee shall be charged for payments in excess of 3 days late.


2.2       Receipts will be issued at year end.                                                  



3.1       The  Caregiver  takes two weeks paid summer vacation per year with a minimum one-month notice. As well, the Caregiver takes paid vacation during the period December 24th to January 1st (inclusive) .



3.2       The caregiver will be paid for the following holidays when the daycare is

            NOT open:

            New Years Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Victoria Day, Canada Day                

            Civic Holiday, Labour Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, Boxing Day.


3.3       If the parent terminates the childcare arrangements mentioned above, before the 2 week summer vacation period, the parent agrees to compensate for the lost vacation pay, which is accumulated at the rate of one day @ month from the previous September.




4.1       If the Caregiver cannot provide service for the day, due to her illness, the Parent(s) will be notified by 6:30 a.m. Full payment is still required, up to a maximum of 4 (four) days per calendar year.


4.2       In the event of the child’s absence (due to illness or any other reason ) the Caregiver will be notified by 7:00 a.m. Full fee payment is required. If the child is picked up early for any other reason, full fee payment is also required.


4.3       If the child becomes ill during the day, the Parent(s) agree to pick the child up

            as soon as possible. Full  payment is still required.


4.4       In the event of prolonged illness by either child or caregiver , both parties agree to negotiate a reasonable alternative.


4.5       A child who is ill at home or is sent home with a high fever or intestinal infection (including 2-3  loose or discolored stools) cannot return to the  Home Care Centre for at least 24 hours unless a doctor’s note is provided saying different.


4.6       Two (2) weeks notice will be given for medical/dental appointments for the Caregiver. The Caregiver will do her best to make alternate arrangements on these occasions.


4.7       The Parent will be required to give written consent before any medication is administered, including cough medicines, tempra/tylenol.


4.8       If your Child is not well enough to go outside, she/he is too ill to spend the day at the Home Care Centre.  It is unfair to the other children to be house bound all day for the sake of a sick child.  Your child will reap the benefit of this policy when another child in the Home Care Centre is ill.








5.1       In the event of an accident, the Caregiver will attempt to inform the parent(s)

            as soon as possible.


5.2       The Caregiver may take the Child on outings.  The Parent(s) will be informed

            of any special trips; (Experimental Farm, Library) and will be expected to pay

            admission/enrollment fee for the child if one is required.


5.3       For any vehicle trips the Caregiver will ensure that the child rides in a proper

            car seat.


5.4       As an experienced professional, the Caregiver agrees to maintain high safety

           standards by providing:


a)  A childproof home that is safe and allows the child to freely explore her/his environment with as little restriction as possible.

            b)  On-going safety checks on all equipment/toys used.

c)  High level of supervision through constant interaction without interfering with the Child’s right to explore and grow freely in a safe environment.


5.5       The parent(s) acknowledge(s) that if the Home Care Centre is as described in

            Section 5, Clause 5.4 and that in the event of an accident, the Caregiver is in

            no  way liable.


6.         PROGRAM


6.1       The Caregiver agrees to establish and maintain a happy, loving and stimulating relationship and environment with/for the Child.


6.2       The Caregiver will not use any form of corporal punishment with the child when disciplining the Child.  She will use communication with the child, or redirection, or a time-out period when dealing with disruptive behavior.


6.3       The Caregiver will develop a program for the child that is flexible and suited to the child’s individual needs, personality and level of ability.  The Caregiver agrees to assess these factors regularly and to change the program based on the Child’s development.


6.4       The Caregiver will provide snacks and a nutritious lunch for the child.













7.1       The Caregiver agrees to maintain daily verbal communication with the Parents(s) to outline the Child’s eating, sleeping and behavioral habits.  This will also include any milestones reached or program changes as a result of the Child’s achievements and development.


7.2       The Parent(s) agree to keep the caregiver informed by noting any relevant

            information(illness, sleeping, eating and behavioral habits) so the Caregiver

            can adjust her daily program accordingly.


7.3       The parent(s) and the Caregiver agree to maintain an open, honest relationship

            and to discuss any problems at the earliest possible stage.




8.1       The Parent(s) agree(s) to provide:


             1)  Two complete changes of clothes in a large Ziploc bag.

             2)  One pair of slippers.

             3)  Splash suit , snowsuit , boots , mittens , hats (as required)

             4)  Bottles and infant foods (as required) , including whole milk

             5)  A car seat or booster seat when required

             6)  Any special security items (blankets, toys, pacifiers, if needed)

             7)  Diapers as required , as well as wet wipes

             8)  A toothbrush or gauze pads for infants

             9)  A bathing suit, water shoes, towel and t-shirt during summer months      

            10) Two boxes of Kleenex each fall

            11) Sun screen

            12) Infant seat as needed

            13) Infant carrier as needed


8.2       If someone other than the Parent(s) is picking up the Child, the Caregiver must be notified beforehand.  If the Caregiver has any concern about this person, the Caregiver will contact the parent(s) for verification. 

















9.1       This contract is effective from ______ of ________ _____, to ________ of


            Re-negotiation of this contract may take place at the end of the contract

           period. Payment for the first two weeks of care is required upon signing of this

           contract. This fee is non-refundable and must be dated the same day as the



9.2      There will be a 30 day trial for all children new to the daycare. At any

           time during this 30 day period either party may terminate this contract

           without any penalties or money owing.


9.2       Sixty(60)days’ written notice of termination must be supplied by either party

             to terminate this contract.  If the Parent(s) fail(s) to provide (60) days’ notice

             of  termination the Caregiver shall receive two (2) month’s fee payment.  If

             the  Caregiver fails to provide Sixty (60) days’ notice of termination the

             Caregiver will be responsible for providing suitable arrangements that are

             acceptable to the Parent(s).





10.1     Changes and/or additions to be made to this contract must be signed by both

             parties            concerned and a copy of the changes/additions attached to each copy

            of the contract.




Parties concerned have read and understand the conditions of employment and agree to abide by them.





________________________________________________ (PARENT)





________________________________________________ (PARENT)





________________________________________________ (CAREGIVER)


Irene Nicole Coulombe   


SIGNED THIS __________ DAY OF _________ _______