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The toddler curriculum (walking to toilet trained): allows your one or two-year-old to spend busy, fun-filled days engaged in activities that promote learning and discovery and the French language. Whether it's filling containers at the water table, stacking and tumbling blocks, or playing with appropriate toys and puzzles, your child will learn as he or she plays. Your child can investigate brightly colored objects and shapes, play dress up, chase after a ball, or build fantastic structures with blocks or in the sand box. Or, your child may choose to cuddle up in a comfy chair with a book or do a quiet puzzle.

An Enriching Environment
The toddler curriculum focuses on constantly listening to and talking with children. I hold them, rock them, and encourage their social, emotional and language development. I surround them with age-appropriate toys and tools to encourage exploration and discovery and enhance their overall development. I provide every opportunity possible for your child to develop his or her own interests, at his or her own pace. Your child will spend each day in a variety of activities, focusing on themes followed through the year.

Language— We often have both English and French children attending the daycare play may progress in either language, but the learning activities and caregiver guided activities are always in French. I make a point of identifying core words during play and meal times to enhance your child’s ability to recognize and speak in French.

Children are able to stretch their imaginations and develop creativity through a variety of experiences and play areas such as kitchen, dress-up, blocks and cars.

  (House Area) Here toddlers can copy what grown-ups do. . ."cooking," driving a "car," taking care of a "baby." Social and communication skills are developed here.
(Imagination) This nook allows young children to dress up and act like people who are a part of their world–a doctor, nurse, zookeeper, hairdresser, fire fighter. This area brings focus to what young children know and see around them.
(Building) In the Building Nook, young children can experiment with blocks and feel the differences in shapes, sizes, and weights of different objects.

Sensory play—One- and two-year-olds use their senses as the means of exploring and learning about their world. Children will work with and experience a variety of materials such as play dough, sand, water, goop…

Activity roomChildren learn by doing. Here children are given the opportunity to classify, sort, match, and manipulate various toys. Children can play with blocks, work simple puzzles, and string large beads also a quiet place to go to look at a book or have one read to them.

outdoor play— children are given the opportunity to climb, jump, tumble, and crawl into and under appropriate equipment ( The development of gross (large) motor skills) They are able to explore and enjoy experiences outdoors while developing their muscles and coordination skills.

Snacks and lunch— The children eat 2 snacks and 1 lunch. They learn to make choices, select their own prepared snack, and enjoy the company of others in the daycare as they eat.

All food is provided and follows the Canadian food guide.


Dental HygeineThe children will brush their teeth after lunch every day to promote good dental hygiene.


Low ratio— There are never more than 5 children in the infant/toddler and preschool programs (inclusive).Which allows for more individualized attention, flexibility and less sick days!