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The summer program (all ages)


Let kids be kids! That’s the summer motto.


Fun, fun, fun… it’s the most important part of being a child!


Language— We often have both English and French children attending the daycare play may progress in either language, but the learning activities and caregiver guided activities are always in French. I make a point of identifying core words during play and meal times to enhance your child’s ability to recognize and speak in French.


Snacks and lunch— The children eat 2 snacks and 1 lunch. They learn to make choices, select their own prepared snack, and enjoy the company of others in the daycare as they eat.

All food is provided and follows the Canadian food guide.


Dental HygeineThe children will brush their teeth after lunch every day to promote good dental hygiene.


Low ratio— There are never more than 5 children in the infant/toddler and preschool programs (inclusive).Which allows for more individualized attention, flexibility and less sick days!