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                           The infant program (6 months-walking)


                                   This program is based on every infantís natural curiosity and energy.

                     I will provide your infant with lots of attention, a variety of age appropriate activities

                  and tons of  conversation to help your infant explore and learn about the world around us.



                                                                  An Enriching environment


My infant program provides an enriching environment which will work on babiesí development while allowing them to explore and learn at their own pace with guidance. I will surround your infant with safe, age appropriate pictures, soft toys, mobiles and music to stimulate their exploration. I talk to infants, hold them and rock them to encourage their overall development and form a basic trust. I will show each baby that his or her needs will be met and show them that this is a world full of new and pleasant experiences. Once babies learn to trust they will respond securely to new things, acquaintances and challenges.




Each infant has their own sleeping area. Infants will take a morning nap not to exceed 1hour(usually 9:15-10:15 am), until no longer needed.

Infants will also take an afternoon nap not to exceed 2.5 hours





Feeding will take place in the kitchen only, in order to ensure good habits from the start. The parentí schedule will be followed at first with a gradual integration into the daycare routine. All food is supplied** and follows the Canada food guide for healthy eating.

 ** (except anything that comes in a bottle, whole milk and pureed foods.).


                                                                           Dental hygiene


The children will brush their teeth every day after lunch to promote good dental hygiene.




Infants can practice their gross motor skills such as rolling, crawling and climbing and eventually even walking.


                                                                              Activity room


Here infants are given opportunities for multi sensory play, whether itís listening to music, finger plays or simple cognitive activities. They can begin to explore different materials and begin to understand various concepts.




We often have both English and French children attending the daycare. Play may progress in either language but learning activities and caregiver guided activities are always in French. I make a point of identifying core words during play and mealtimes to enhance your Childs ability to recognize and speak French.




Diapering takes place in one of the two washrooms in a clean changing area. Diapering is also a wonderful opportunity to interact individually with babies.


                                                                              Outdoor play


There is a fenced outside area designed to provide a safe and interesting place to play and explore when whether conditions are appropriate. I may also take your child to a neighborhood park, playgroup, public library or just a nice stroll around to enjoy the sights.


                                                                                    Low ratio


There are never more than 5 daycare children in the infant/toddler and preschool programs (inclusive) which allows for more individual attention, flexibility in programming and fewer sick days!