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The Before and After school program


A flexible before and after school program providing an enriching environment. With fun filled activities, designed to enhance the development and self-esteem of

School aged children.

Structured to address the interest and needs of children kindergarten through grade 6.

Because the program is based on choices, children gain independence and have the opportunity and freedom to learn more about what interests them and develop responsibilities.




  • Includes well equipped activity areas to do homework or relax after a long day at school.
  • Encourages choices from a variety of fun, age appropriate activities
  • Features opportunities for socialization
  • Encourages responsibility and respect
  • May include pick-up and drop off at school


Activity/Quiet room

The place to “kick back”, spend some quiet time or catch up with friends.

It’s the next best thing to being at home, Includes activities like trivia pursuit, checkers, puzzles, board games, writing…

A great place to work on homework too!


Air hockey and pinball

An area to burn off some energy, shoot some pinball , play a game of air hockey with friends or just challenge yourself to your personal best!



Opportunities to perform plays, play musical instruments, sing, dance, express yourself or build a masterpiece with various blocks and construction sets.



There is painting, gluing, collage…

Books on making toys, beads and more!!

Kids are welcome to use the craft materials at their own leisure to express themselves creatively.


Snack time

There is a regular menu, children select their own prepared snack and enjoy the company of others while they eat. All food is provided and follows the Canada food guide for healthy eating.



We often have both French and English speaking children…play may progress in either language but learning activities and caregiver guided activities are always in French.