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About Myself


††††††††† I am the oldest of only two children, but the gap of seven years between us was a positive learning experience.I have been caring for children as long as I can remember, starting with my sister and then working in daycare centers, nursery schools, providing services as a live-out nanny and then my daughters born 1995 and 2003. I have been doing it professionally since 1995 and as a home based preschool-style daycare since 1997.


††††††††† It has been my career choice to operate a Private Home Daycare.I take my business seriously and believe I provide a great service for those searching for a loving, nurturing, quality learning environment for their children.



About The Daycare


††††††††† In my daycare the children will have fun experimenting with puzzles, sand, water, play dough, art activities, blocks, climbers and more.They are responsible for choosing activities, attempting to solve problems with peers and communicating their needs to peers and adults.Children are given opportunities to share their works and encouraged to play in groups.Children also begin to learn early literacy skills and are exposed to the French language.


††††††††† Circle time is a favorite part of the day. This is a great time for children to interact, express ideas and learn language skills. We sing songs, read stories, play games and learn to count, ABCís, and lots more. Circle time is a brief but fun part of every week.


††††††††† Public Library and Play Group are two outings we will be doing weekly.This gives children a change of atmosphere and a chance to interact with new children.We will be walking to these activities, weather permitting.


††††††††† Outdoor FunI the children out twice a day, weather permitting.


††††††††† Field Trips ††Attending community events, museums, strawberry picking or visiting a petting zoo are some of the field trips the children may enjoy.


††††††††† Quiet timeoccurs daily in the afternoons. During this time younger ones are napping and the preschool age child has time to unwind, interact quietly with me and his/her peers. Itís a time for one on one, playing games or just cuddling while reading a book.