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Lamborghini Cars

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Lamborghini dreamcars, modified by our visitors.


The customized Lamborghini's ...

These pages will host a collection of Lamborghini images that have been made by enthusiasts visiting this site.

Some of these images are based on existing cars or images, others were created from scratch, if you would like to see your drawings appear on this page, please mail them to me, together with your name and e-mail address and a small description of the way you see the Lamborghini you've designed.

For any special requests please mail me, I can have a special drawing made for you ...

A rear view of a special Lamborghini Diablo VT 6.0 :

A Lamborghini Diablo VT 6.0, slighly personalized ...

Another view of a Lamborghini Murcielago Jota :

The Lamborghini Murcielago, here a look at a possible Jota edition.

The classic Lamborghini Miura, updated ...

The Lamborghini Miura, or how it could look when built during the Nineties.

The awesome Lamborghini Countach ... on water ???

A Lamborghini Countach that can drive on water ...

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