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.agains. | | .skribblez.

.Last touched. January 31,2o04 .Created by. meh! .Song Playin. "Nyias Mus Nyias" by Paradise .Theme. Black and White .Mood. ok

.Quote of the Week. "One lie makes a thousand faults. One false-hood spoils a thousand truths"
press F11 foe ah bettah view..
hey thea to who eva haf jus entah heas... thanx foe dropping bah mah page.. take ah luk at wat evas heas en dunt foe get to drop ah few lines in mah gbee befoe yooh leave.. also save mehas ah fren en ill do tha same aiights..
*mIz LuCiE xIoNg*


.name. Lucy Xiong

.age. foe-teen

.sex. 100% woman

.status. taken by tswv yim thoj frmz charlotte

.lokashun. alby.. reppin tha 7o4 area fasho!

.b-day. april fools day

.hometown. stocktown, kali

.aznality. hmong pryde fasho!

.lykes. talkin to mah babie..

.dislykes. hatahs..LIARS..baccstabbers..dissers.
.biotches..peeps who tries too hard..etc..

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January 31,2o04 NEW LAYOUT! ....took new web cam fliccs!!`s ugly buttas oh wellies..hehes.. i miss mah babie muchs!!


leavin alreadie?... wells hope y`all enjoy mah page.. en plzz.. show sum luv inmah gbuk b4 yew go okies.. ill appreciate it alots!... ♥**mUaHs** aWwS..aInT hE tHa KuTeSt??..=D Copyright© 2004 704-albie-anjoz Productions