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This web page is dedicated to our Master Christ Jesus through whose teachings we may realize our highest potential


The Healing House Health Ministry ministers to those people here in the Philippines who seek to attain a state of health and well being spiritually, mentally and physically. We accomplish this through educating a person on the choices available to them in regards to spiritual direction, lifestyle, exercise, nutrition and alternatives available to complement orthodox medicine.

The Healing House Health Ministry is a chartered church through United Christian Ministries International. It is a not for profit organization and run completely off of donations of clients and outside sources.


Most will say that health is the absence of disease. This is not true if we simply define disease in medical terms such as a virus, bacteria or chemical imbalance. It is true if we break down the word disease into dis-ease. Dis-ease means that there is something wrong. Something is out of balance between the spirit, mind and body. There is not always a medical explanation for a state of dis-ease. There are many who suffer from serious medical conditions that experience no symptoms, no discomfort, no dis-ease. There are others who feel sick all the time, yet there is known medical condition. Health is the absence of disease but only if way take the totality of the individual into consideration.


One should realize that healing is a spiritual term. Cure is a medical term. It is often possible for a healing to effect a cure because often, through healing, the underlying cause of the medical condition is removed. It is also possible for a healing to occur without a cure and for a cure to occur without a healing.

Healing occurs through the divine law of love. The acceptance of healing occurs through faith. When a person comes to a place where he or she is filled with divine love, at peace, filled with light and joy and in a state of acceptance, a healing has occured. The person may be cured of a medical condition through this healing simply because many medical conditions are caused by the absence of love, faith, peace, joy and acceptance. Hence, the cause is removed through healing and a cure that often seems miraculous takes place. This can happen with or without medical treatment, but in most cases occurs in conjunction with proper medical care. To be healed and cured, one must treat the spirit, mind and body.

Sometimes a healing occurs without a cure. Sometimes the healing is in the passing. There are occasions that the body has been damaged to the point that it cannot support the person anymore in this realm of existence. This will eventually happen to all of us. The body should be thought of as a set of clothes. When our clothes are worn beyond repair, and no longer serve our needs, we disgard them. The same thing with our physical body. When the body becomes damaged to the point that it cannot support the spirit, the spirit disgards it. Just as we live on when we disgard our worn out clothes, our spirit lives on when it disgards the worn out body. As long as this transformation occurs with the individual at peace, filled with love, light, joy and acceptance, a healing has occured. In this case, healing has occured without a medical cure, but through the transformation of death of the physical body.

Just as a healing can take place without a medical cure, a medical cure can also take place without a healing. Modern medicine may very well relieve the symptoms and pathology of a medical condition, but if the person remains filled with anxiety, worry, hate, bitterness, resentment and anger, then no healing has occured. In a case like this, more often than not, it will be just a matter of time before another medical crisis takes place. These may take place one after the other until a chronic and debilitating condition sets in. Since only the symptoms have been treated and pathological agents killed through drug therapies, the underlying cause of these conditions remain intact. Many times illness serves us as a means of directing our attention to something within us that needs to be fine tuned and put back into balance. Unfortunately, with symptomatic treatment of illness, this is overlooked and often never dealt with and a string of medical conditions, one worse than the other take place until the person either deals with these issues or drops the physical body.


We get sick for many reasons. In my opinion, the first and foremost reason we get sick is because we have allowed ourselves to become trapped in a world that no longer recognizes the meaning of spiritual love, hence we have lost touch with our divinity. Because of this we have fallen from the body of God in which there is no illness and chosen to become part of the body of the world, which is filled with sickness.

Secondly, we get sick because we choose to recognize what we see in the world as truth and reality and fail to recognize divine truth which is the ultimate reality. In short, we get sick because we believe in illness and not in health. Because of this, we give great power to illness through our fear of it.

We also get sick because of our indiscretions. We eat the wrong foods so our nutritional requirements are not met, thereby reducing our immune systems ability to overcome illness. We pollute our bodies with drugs, both legal and illegal, alcohol, chemicals in soaps, foods, pesticides, you name it, we come into contact with it because we have created an unsafe world for ourselves to live in.