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Welcome to my little corner of the web, this WAS the site for MSC_NC (mid south central north carolina) a BDSM group that focused on the southern central part of NC (mainly, from Lexington to Concord, with salisbury as the center of it) but...some hacker's got into my old name and deleted not only the name but the group as well. *sighs* so i am using this as my home page for now, until i decide if i am going to restart the group or not.

below Y/you will find drop down menues for my page (reba) but also Y/you will still find the personal pages for Sir(Master of the Midnight Thunder), Ma'am(Mistress Angel of the Night), tho Sir and Ma'am no longer live in the area (They have moved to Winston Salem. and They are not active in the lifestyle at this time...but hopefully that will change.)Sir, Ma'am and i have been very fortunate to have met and consider to be friends Mistress Lunasea who organizes FFP in charlotte on monday nights ((Fun Freaky People)) it is a net working get together that brings together fetish/vamp/goth ect so that A/all may get to know each other. i used to be there alot, but family and health constraints have kept me away...but dont worry...i'll be back soon. There is a link to the FFP site as well as a couple other events...but to get the full effect check out FFP on monday nights!

i do hope Y/you enjoy Y/your time here...i will be updating things as i can ((since i've now found the password for the site LMAO)) so come back often. Oh one update...the "For sale items" are not for sale anymore, Sir and Ma'am nolonger make the items, i left that part up just as a reminder for myself...*sighs*


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