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Why Do Mice Make Excellent Pets?

  • They are friendly
  • They don't take up much room, which makes them excellent for apartment dwellers
  • They are cheap and easy to care for compared to rabbits, guinea pigs, dogs, and cats

If you're like a lot of people, you may have never thought of keeping a mouse as a pet. However, they are not that different from gerbils and hamsters (which are also rodents), and in many ways they make better pets. Gerbils can be very high-strung, and hamsters do not tolerate each other well, so you can only keep one in a cage safely. Hamsters can also be more prone to bite people. While I can't say that I've never been bitten by a mouse, more hamsters have attempted (and succeeded) than I can count. Plus, mice come with handy-dandy pick up tools that hamsters do not have; their tails! Yes, you can pick up a mouse by its tail without hurting it! Before making a decision, please at least give a pet mouse some thought!

I have raised fancy mice for many years, and I guarantee all of the mice I sell to have sound temperament and make wonderful pets. Not once have I had a complaint about any of the mice I have sold. I take great pride in these little creatures, and until they go home with someone new, they are treated just like any other pet. Included with the purchase of the mice is a care sheet that helps to get the new owner started. It contains information on basic mouse care that even a child could understand. At the top of the page is a button that contains links to mouse care pages online. Please give them a look! They are VERY helpful, especially Mouse @ Horns.

To see pictures, if I have any mice available for sale, click "Photos" at the top of the page. If I do not have any for sale, the photos button will not work. You may choose to contact me to see if I know a breeder in your area, though.

The mice I raise are called fancy mice, which are mice that have been specifically bred to be pets, not snake food. They have excellent temperaments and come in a variety of colors. There are mice with shiny fur that are known as "satin mice" by the American Fancy Rat and Mouse Association because of the sheen that their fur has. They are very pretty and pictures just do not do them justice. It's hard to capture how brilliant their fur is because if you use a flash, the light reflects off the fur and you can't see the colors, and without a flash, it's more difficult to see the sheen! You really have to see them in person to truly appreciate how beautiful they are. Mountain Air Mousery also has longhaired mice, and longhaired silky mice, which are mice with shiny fur that is longer than normal mouse fur. In addition, we also have short-coated fancy mice, curly coated mice (rex), and even siamese mice!

I prefer to sell mice in same-sex pairs, as they tend to get lonely and can even die from it if they are by themselves, but I will sell them singly under certain circumstances. They are $2.00 each, or $3.00 a pair.

If you have any questions, or are interested in purchasing some of these wonderful little critters, please contact me! Click the button at the top of the page labeled "Contact."

Do you have a dog or cat? In my online store, you may find only the top-of-the-line foods, as well as select toys, treats, bowls, collars and leads, and even pet doors!! As with the Go Tags purchases, any profits go towards helping animals in local shelters. The link to the store can be found at the top of this page.

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