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She has performed since she won
the talent show at Scandals April 2001.
Prior to her win she was always inspired
by plus size Divas such as Roxxy Hart
and Vitoria Celeste. Mikaila has always
had weight problems and ever since
she came along, she has pursued a
persona that allows "big girls" to have
confidence and be proud of who they are.
It has been a long road for Mikaila as a
performer, but with her recent title as Miss Honey
Boo 2002-2003 she has proven to herself that
she can overcome any obsticale with support
of friends and a high level of dedication.
She plans to provide the veiwers a long and
suspenceful career in the performing
industry. She believes the Miss Honey Boo
is a strating point to a long and energetic
career as "Mikaila Divine"!

Current Titles:
Miss Honey Boo 2002 - 2003

Illusion of

Celeste's Kelly's Holly's
Sierra's Dani's

Verba's Vivica's