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So you really wanna know a little about me?

Embrace The Darkness

As I said before, just call me Dark Angel.
I'm a college student and majoring in Music Therapy. Music is my life.
Here is my e-mail if you want to use anything from my site or for any other reason.

Some of my poetry, not great, but its mine.

The light dims
No more candles glow brightly
Darkness is prevailing
Slowly giving in
Giving up all hope
Dreaming of Dreams
without death
without pain
Dreaming of speaking
without lies
Without strain
Giving into all these hopes
Only to find more failure
Only Dreams of Darkness,
Dreams of Pain
Welcoming the Darkness
Welcoming the Pain.

Darkness folds around me
Like knives piercing my soul
Everything seems to laugh at me
making me feel so cold.
Little things seem to matter
'Cause they crush you into dust.
Making smiles seem like distant memories
Memories you can never trust.

Wrapping around me
Everything goes dark
You choke me of my life
and it eats me up.
My head is pounding
with pain from the torment and misery
you alone leave
My heart aches from sorrow,
you've torn it into pieces,
this time was not the first.

The Darkness is always there
The one you can count. on
The light only pretends,
Pretends its eternity.
It poses as a friend,
Only to falter ten seconds later
The Darkness is a constant
In a world of chaos.