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All About Justin
Full name: Justin Elijah Tosco

Birthplace: Denver Colorado

Birthdate: June 12, 1983

age: 19

Zodiac sign: Gemini

favorite band/artist: Beatles, Marvelous 3, Foo Fighters

favorite website:

favorite movie: Braveheart

hobbies: Playing all kinds of sports

favorite color: Carolina Blue!

how would you describe your fashion style: Jeans and T-shirts mostly

first concert: Paul McCartney '95

Dream mate: Alanis Morisette

any tattoos? If not what would you get: I dont know yet, but Im definitely getting one!

if your house was on fire, which one item would you take with you?: My Taylor Acoustic Guitar

If you were not a musician, what would you be doing?: Producing music or a firefighter

What upsets you the most?: Waking up early

What's your favorite food?: Sushi

Favorite TV show?: MacGyver

Coolest person youve ever met?: Butch Walker (Marvelous 3)

Id give anything to meet?: Martin Luther King, Jr.

Youd never know that I?: Tapped danced when I was younger.

Favorite Gig You've Played: weenie roast (we got to meet M3)

Inspirations: Butch, God, family

Dream Job: rock star

Gear Used: Vox and Fender Amps, Gibson SG and les paul.

Favorite Musicals: STOMP