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All About Hannah

Full name: Hannah Elizabeth Tosco

Nickname(s): Baby Tosco/Hannah Banana

Birthplace: Charlotte North Carolina, at home!

Birthdate: September 12, 1986

age: 16

Zodiac sign: Virgo

Favorite Gig You've Played: Athenaeum, and Matthews Alive '00

Inspirations: PAUL McCARTNEY I am in love with him

Dream Job: musician, or any kind of doctor

Gear Used: Ibanez RKB Bass, Ampeg cabinet, SVT classic head

Instruments Played: bass, piano, banjo, flute, mandolin, guitar

Favorite Bands/artists: Beatles, Dexter Freebish, Michelle Branch, Lisa Loeb

Favorite Musicals:Grease, who doesn't love grease?

Pets?: Two dogs - Maggie, Toby/ One cat - Morgan

favorite movie: Beauty and the Beast

hobbies: crosshatch pot holders :P

favorite color: red

how would you describe your fashion style: Whatever feels right at the moment.

first concert: Alanis Morissette when I was in 4th grade

Dream mate: Ste McNally from BBMak

any tattoos? If not what would you get: No tattoos yet, but Im not sure if I want one yet. But if I were to get one, I would get a bass clef.

if your house was on fire, which one item would you take with you?: My puppy dogs, or my guitar, or my 8x10 of Ste!

If you were not a musician, what would you be doing?: Working at a Record Company

What upsets you the most?: Nicks Answers to these questions! ; )

What's your favorite food?: Chewing gum, does that count?

Favorite TV show?: Full House

Coolest person youve ever met?: Alanis Morissette

Id give anything to meet?: Paul McCartney

Youd never know that I?: won the 6th grade spelling bee