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Iraq Vacation 2003-2004

From left to right, Back row:Lt Wolfe, Sgt. Jarr, CSM Bush, Spc. Alvarez, Cpl. Kenney, Spc. mulholland Front row: Sgt. Rodgers, SFC DeAndrea

Transmission Section

Here we are chillin' at Christmas. Included is Sgt. rodgers, Spc. Hendrix, Cpl. Williams, Pfc Shaw, Pfc Wennersten, Pv2 Valles and Pfc Govens. Not Shown: SSG Hands

Chow Time and chillin'

Cpl. Williams, Sgt. Rodgers and Spc. Avelar hanging out and waiting for orders

Great Minds at work

Spc. Avelar and Sgt. Rodgers contemplating taking a picture. Combat is tough.