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Dog Biscuit Kit

What a better guinea pig then the dog to learn how to bake for.  Make your dog  feel special with a freshly baked treat. They  won’t  care  if they don’t come out perfect.  Great practice with the bone shaped cutter, just add margarine and water.  Makes 24 peanut butter flavored biscuits. Gift packaged in storage tin for biscuits.  Dogglicious!!  $10.00


Large Baking Kits

Packaged in snap down handled bags, gift ready and reuse to store. Availble in: Cookie, Cupcake, Donut, Monkey Bread, Pizza, and Pretzel. (Monkey Bread pictured) $19.95


Mini Kits

Packaged in zipper handled gift bags with crinkle paper, gift ready. Availible in: Cookie, Cupcake, Donut Hole, Lemonade Stand, Pizza, Pretzel, Sundae. (Lemonade Stand pictured) $12.95


Princess Cookie Kit

Create Magic cookies, wand included.  This cookie dough turns pink when mixed with butter and water.  Pink icing and fairy dust sprinkles included to decorate these star shaped cutouts.  Cookie cutter included.  Great for tea parties, pajama parties, or to add a little magic to an otherwise ordinary day.    $12.95


Wizard Cookie Kit

Magic cookies for Sorcerers in training, wand included.  This cookie dough turns blue when mixed with butter and water.  White frosting and purple magic dust sprinkles included to decorate these wizard hat shaped cutouts.  Cookie cutter included.  Witches and wizards will make these yummy cookies magically disappear. $12.95


Chocolate Moose (Mousse) Kit

Mooveover chocolate pudding, go gourmet and experience mousse instead.  Feel like a real chef , just add milk, mix and chill.  Anything to do with a moose has got to be cool!!   A personal favorite animal of North America!!  Be a Mooselover too. $12.95


Root Beer Brewing

What could be more fun than a barrel of root beer?  Brewing your own of course.  Great Family project. Kit contains yeast and flavoring to makes up to four gallons of root beer, one gallon at a time.  You supply the recycled bottles, kit supplies labels for your own private name root beer.  Simple instructions to mix and after about 2 weeks it is ready to drink or give as a homemade gift! $12.95

Recommended for ages 8 and up. 


Make Your Own Gummies Kit

Seaweed works it's invisible magic in these yummy gummies.  Kit takes you thru the steps of extracting carrageenan from seaweed, making molds from household object like drinking straws.  Next steps are mixing in the sugar and sour mix to create yummy gummies.   Easy to make on stove or in microwave.   Story of how seaweed is used in everyday products and how it is farmed is included.  $10.95

Recommended for ages 8 and up.



Make Your Own Chewing Gum Kit

Chicle is the ingredient that gives gum its chew.  Found in the Sapodilla trees of the rainforest.  Kit includes chicle, which needs to be heated and kneaded.  A microwave will do and then flavor with peppermint or tutti-frutti.  WOW!  You’ve made your own gum, kit makes 50 pieces.  Story of chicle included a fun learning experience. $10.95

Recommended for ages 8 and up.


Seasonal Products

Traditional Scottish Shortbread Kit

Easy to make shortbread cookie mix includes a Scottie dog cutter and chocolate dipping sauce.  Just mix with softened butter, rollout cut and bake.  Just before serving mix up the chocolate sauce with heavy cream and butter. This is a dessert or any time treat, which will delight all ages.  Beautifully gift packaged. $12.95

Moose Cookies Mix

Moooveover gingerbread men the moose is on the loose. A pop-up moose and a cookie cutter come with this mix in cute gift packaging. This tasty treat bakes up delicious as they are or frost and decorate or try lightly dusting with sweetened cocoa.  This is a must have for chocolate and moose lovers! $6.95



Youth sized aprons are 24” long and come in primary colors, royal blue, yellow and Red.   Great for protecting clothes from cooking and baking spills and smudges.   Cotton, poly blend machine washable.  Great gift idea, you can personalize with fabric paints, iron on letters or embroidery. $8.00


Oven Mitts

These padded mitts help protect children’s hands and lower arms when handling pans.  They are 8” long, royal blue and machine washable. While handling hot dishes requires adult supervision at all times, these mitts offer the hands on opportunity.   $8.50



All sized for the child to handle with ease.  Whisk, rubber spatula, rolling pin, wooden spoon, metal spatula, measuring spoons and cups, melonball scooper and funnel.  In a zipper bag ready as a gift and to store tools in. $20.00


Pizza Paddle

This natural wodden board with tapered edges is great for sliding pizzas in and out of the oven. It is also great for serving your pizza at the able. 14" x 16".erica!!  Be a Mooselover too. $15.00


Ice Cream Maker

Kid sized this ice cream maker takes 4 AA batteries.   Recipe card includes four recipes to make ice cream and sherbet using cream and ingredients from home.  What’s best you can make 2 flavors at a time!! Just add ingredients. Press mix and freeze for four hours.  Makes two cups of homemade ice cream.  TOO COOL! $20.00





A barnyard collection of 60-minute timers.  Pig, chicken and cow help you and your child keep track of cooking time. Great time teaching tool for need to know kids, when can I go outside and play?  How long do I have to practice? $6.00

*All food products are subject to a 2% tax and non-food products subject to a 7% tax if sold in NC.

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