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Story Lines


This Story Line contains: Adult Content, Romance, Drama, Action, Violence, Impregnation, and Multi-Play (Refering to; the ability to play more than one character) Please keep in mind that this story line may be altered, and you may be as creative as you desire. Remember, this story becomes yours as well!


Jake was a musician without peer in his instrument: the piano. A child prodigy in blues and, even feature with some well known rock bands. At the age of 21, he played in concert halls and priveleged clubs. Although, his fiancee Savannah did not know Jakes family secret. He was the son of the Giovanni mob boss, Nicholas Giovanni. His mother, through threats and a long legal procedure, was able to pull Jake away at a young age and give him her maiden name. But young boys will always be compelled towards theirfather, and by the age of 25 he moonlighted as an officer in the gang. Yet the old Italian families were being out gunned and out sold by the new inner city gangs. Namely after one charismatic leader, Timothy Deon, was able to do the impossible: unify the gangs.

Here is the idea. Savannah & Jake are engaged to be married. She is unaware of his history, and even so the present, such as him working for the mafia. During an exchange whether it be drugs or other goods, Jake recieves a little extra something; a video tape that shows Savannah being banged by Deon and his men. She was drugged, so it looked like it was voluntary. There are alot of twists and turns in the sl. You may be as creative as you like.. Deon's intentions are to impregnate Savannah, what better way to break down your rivals moral by impregnating his girl! But whether the baby will be Jakes, Deon or any of his mens.. is a mystery.