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Story Lines

The One Night Stand

"A night of undisputed laughter and ill-minded actions, would turn into a lifetime of heart ache."
Nikki Marie Palashtund, only 19 years of age, would go clubing with a few friends. Only to have a one night stand with ( your char here). Little did she know that very night would end a life time of freedom. Three months later she discovered she was pregnant. It wasn't until she was six months along, did the father of the child discover he was going to become a father. Outraged, he would track Nikki down and confront her about the baby.
Scenario's that could come of this:

  • He is a very obsessive therefore a violent confrontation occurs, between the two.
  • He wants to be part of the baby's life and support her [ romance scenario ]
  • Wants her to get rid of the baby, but she refuses so he takes it upon himself to do way with her.

Opening Post
A silhoutte figure against the ray of neon flashing lights, could be seen dancing atop the bar to the repeticious beat of music, that protruded from the Night Club. The fine curves of lubucious breast were hidden beneath the thin orange material of her holter top, that tied around the neck, where then low rise denim cropped jeans hugged those thick thighs. Though only seventeen, Nikki Marie Pierson, was care free, as she proceeded to dance innocently to the beat.
Troubled Times

Brief History:
Abigail Marie Nuncio and Bradley Decker, were a loving couple, that were expecting. Eyebrows, raised, when Hailey Marie Decker was born. Though a healthy baby girl, her skin tone, lead Brad to assume Abigail had cheated on him, with a black man. Eventually Abigail and Brad seperated. She would move in with Dominque " Dawg" a firefighter at the station inwhich Brad worked at. Dominque claimed that he had slept with Abigail and that Hailey was his daughter. There was no doubt, tension rose, therefore Dominque moved out of town with Abigail and Hailey. Though Dominque loved and adored Hailey, it wasn't the same for Abigail, whom felt the wrath of Dominque, night and day. As the years went by, Hailey would comfort her mother through the hard times of constant fights and abuse. It wasn't until Hailey was fifteen years old, when she discover the truth. Haileys Great Grandfather was infact an african american, which explained why Hailey had a slight darker skin tone. Abigail would eventually leave Dominque and move back in with Brad. Though the evidence was there, Hailey didn't want to believe, that Brad was her biological father. The transition from living and believing Dominque was her dad, made it hard for Hailey. - Taking it hard, Hailey would quickly change from the sweet heart, to a rebellious teen, whom was out for trouble.
Scenario's that could come of this:

  • A dear friend from Hailey's past, moves into town, and attends the same school. When he discovers the trouble Hailey's in, he tries to intervine and help her. ( Romance Scenario)
  • When (your char) discovers Hailey has gone astray from the gang, he lashes out at her.
  • Confused from the sudden transition taking place at home, Hailey runs away. She moves in with a former gang member, who runs the streets. Needing a quick buck to support his drug habit, he makes Hailey *work* the streets.

Opening Post