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 High Scores of the week


Jason Wagner    300  Strike Force                     Cindy Whatley     238  Dirty Balls           

Joseph D'auria   300  Pimps                            Barbara Snider     233   Guys and Dolls 

Charlie Duesling 265  Strike Force                      Amanda Dorsey  219   Dirty Balls



High Series

Jason Wagner    771 Strike Force                        Cindy Whatley    601 Dirty Balls

Charlie Duesling 743 Strike Force                        Tiffany Dilapi      545 Optical Illusion

Broc Secor        733 Guys and Dolls                    Amanda Dorsey  527 Dirty Balls


Week 7 Matches

lanes 1-2 (5th)Optical Illusion(25-17) Vs (3rd)Strike Force(27-15)

lanes 3-4 (7th)911(19-21) VS (9th)Git R Done(14-28)

lanes 5-6 (1st)Dirty Balls(29-13) Vs (4th)Pimps(25-17)

lanes 7-8 Vacant vs (8th)Happy Hookers(14-28)

lanes 9-10 (2nd)Guys and Dolls(28-14) Vs (6th)Lucky Strikes(23-19)


                       (28) Possible Points Left